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We hope everyone is having a wonderful Yom Tov, and we very much appreciate all the amazing comments that have been left on our Pesach CD Giveaway post – it’s nice to see all the positive feedback about how much people are enjoying the Stream and all the features!

We should do giveaways more often just to get the comments and feedback… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just a quick update on our plans for Sefira:

We’ll be switching the system over to Acapella for the first half of Sefira, and we’ll change back to regular music on Lag B’Omer.
We had to decide which half of Sefira to go by, and we felt that it made the most sense to play Acapella during the first half of Sefira, from after Pesach until Lag B’Omer, and then to play regular music after Lag B’Omer.
We’re not exactly sure when we’ll get to switch things over, but it should be sometime between today and Isru Chag (Sunday).

As we mentioned in our post last year, about the Three Weeks, we made the decision to only play the type of acapella that we ourselves listen to during Sefira. This is in no way a Halachic decision for everyone, and each person has to decide for themselves, or ask their Rav or Posek, what’s appropriate for them to them to listen to. However, we felt that just as we always set a certain standard for ourselves, and we try to always only play music that we feel meets a certain level of Jewishness normally during the year, we would only put up what we consider appropriate for Sefira. If your Minhag (custom) is different, that’s fine, and we definitely respect that, but we still won’t be putting up what we don’t feel is appropriate for Sefira. You’re welcome to listen to whatever you want to listen to, but we won’t necessarily be playing it.

Having said that, there are albums that we would consider appropriate for Sefira, and we would put up and play, but we either forgot to add them to the system, or don’t have them.

If there is an album that you think is missing and you’d like to hear, please let us know, and if we feel it is appropriate for Sefira, and if we have it, or can get it, we will try to add it to the system.

Even with whatever acapella we can add, there still isn’t too much out there. Because of that, you’ll find yourself hearing songs repeated a lot more often than with our regular system. However, we hope that people realize that it’s either that or nothing, and that having the stream set up for acapella means that we’ll have to make whatever we have work in the best way possible.

As always, thanks for listening, and don’t forget to comment on our Giveaway post to enter into our Pesach Giveaway!


  1. Bracha says:

    What do you mean when you say you only play certain acappela? I assume that means nothing that’s tweaked on computers, right?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We’re specifically excluding anything that is made to sound like a full band.
      Most Acapella is probably edited/tweaked on computers, but as long you’re hearing the original voices, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Ruchiccio says:

    Does that mean no Six13, AKA Pella, Maccabeats?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:


  3. leah says:

    About sefira, r you done with it after lag bomer? another thing will you be playing miami around the campfire? its the best sefira cd!

  4. MS says:

    FYI – I’m hearing ya’alili by 8th day, I’m pretty sure that’s not accapella, unless there’s been some other version released I don’t know about. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      Someone somehow requested it – we’re implementing a system that won’t allow those requests through now.

  5. RS says:

    I think there’s too much Ari Goldwag. Nothing against him, of course, but it gets kind of repetitive. I do love the new YBC, on the other hand.

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      Since there’s a lot less acapella music than the regular music that we normally have in the system, it’s not so easy to set everything up to play evenly, but we’re going to see what we can do.

  6. Deli says:

    Can we hear a little more fast music?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      There isn’t much more, in terms of acapella, that we’re willing to put on, but you’re welcome to suggest other albums if you have something in mind…

  7. bee says:

    can you please add songs from my fathers table – avraham fried acapella zemiros?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We don’t currently have that album, but we can see if we can get it…

  8. D says:

    Does it matter that the station identification has music in it?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      It’s not really music, more of a basic beat/background, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but we’re looking into getting a different station identification just for Sefira.

  9. Moshe Gelberman says:

    can u like play kol berama more often? every time i try to request it its “recently played”

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      That song is the only acapella song we have in the system from Simcha Leiner, so it should play fairly often, but there’s no real way to get it to play more.
      You should be able to request it every so often though…

  10. Janine Wierzbicki says:

    I don’t know if it is just me, but I do find this accapalla “music” rather relaxing, don’t get me wrong, I love the regular music like everyone else, but I know that you guys are doing the best that you can, and that is just fine with me!! Just relax….and enjoy these wonderful voices.
    Blessing to all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      The point in Sefira is that it should feel different, and we’re trying to still keep things running, while keeping to the Sefira restrictions…

  11. H says:

    Could you play songs from Yonason Schwartz’s CD “Chazak for Sefira”? Thanks very much, the music is great.

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We don’t currently have that album, but we’ll look into it and see if we can get it (assuming it’s something we’re willing to play).

  12. Ruchie says:

    Can you please play kol berama more often, its a amazing song.

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We’d love to, but we need to give equal play time to all the other tracks too…

  13. Smile says:

    Your Sefira music is absolutely amazing! I’m really enjoying it!! BTW how do I request a song? Do I do it over here or is there a specific place to request a song?

  14. A says:

    How about doing sefira music the whole sefira? I know that not everyone keeps the second half, but your selection is beautiful, and it would be great to accomodate everyone, if possible.
    Keep up the great work!

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We’re looking to hearing regular music after Lag B’Omer, but we’ll see if there’s somehow a way to work something out…

  15. please says:

    yes please try to have sfirah music till shvias btw thanks love this site.

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We were considering setting up a separate stream with just acapella, but it probably would be too much work and cost too much to be worth it…

  16. Dovid says:

    Jewish Music Stream is the best. I personally didn’t listen during sefira, but boy am i glad to get you back!

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      We’re glad we’re back too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. a yid says:

    Why dont you have a sefira music after Lag Bโ€™Omer?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      Did you read the article that you commented on?

  18. Fruma Erlich says:

    just asked a sheila about the music, my rav says no music till shavuos. so disappointed you stopped the a capella. but i guess everyone has a different psak… nothing you can do right?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      All depends on which half you keep (though everyone should be able to listen by the Shloshes Yimei Hagbalah, starting 3 days before Shavuos).
      At this point, we’re playing music, so unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until you’re allowed to listen again…

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