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Change in our plans for the Three Weeks: Acapella!


We had originally decided that we were not planning on switching the stream over to acapella for the Three Weeks, because of the amount of work that it would involve.

However, today our plans changed.

We decided to go ahead and make the switch over to acapella for the Three Weeks. It entailed a very large amount of work, but we hope that the time and effort we put in will be worth it. In addition, our request system now shows only acapella.

We also made the decision to only play the type of acapella that we ourselves listen to during the Three Weeks. This is in no way a Halachic decision for everyone, and each person has to decide for themselves, or ask their Rav or Posek, what’s appropriate for them to them to listen to. However, we felt that just as we always set a certain standard for ourselves, and we try to always only play music that we feel meets a certain level of Jewishness normally during the year, we would only put up what we consider appropriate for the Three Weeks. If your Minhag (custom) is different, that’s fine, and we definitely respect that, but we still won’t be putting up what we don’t feel is appropriate for the Three Weeks. You’re welcome to listen to whatever you want to listen to, but we won’t necessarily be playing it.

Having said that, there are albums that we would consider appropriate for the Three Weeks, and we would put up and play, but we either forgot to add them to the system, or don’t have them.

If there is an album that you think is missing and you’d like to hear, please let us know, and if we feel it is appropriate for the Three Weeks, and if we have it, or can get it, we will try to add it to the system.

Even with whatever acapella we can add, there still isn’t too much out there. Because of that, you’ll find yourself hearing songs repeated a lot more often than with our regular system. However, we hope that people realize that it’s either that or nothing, and that having the stream set up for acapella means that we’ll have to make whatever we have work in the best way possible.

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-The JewishMusic Stream Team

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