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Album Giveaway!


5 Albums! 5 Winners!
Where have you heard JewishMusic Stream being played?
Walk into a store and hear music playing? Did you hear “You’re listening to”?
Tell us where it was.
Do you work in an office with multiple people listening to JewishMusic Stream?
Tell us the business name.
Ever call a business, get put on hold, and hear music playing? Did you hear “You’re listening to”?
Tell us which business.
Comment with the name of a business that plays JewishMusic Stream to multiple people for a chance to win a free album. 
Know a few businesses? Get an additional entry per business name.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, then comment the business name on our posts there for additional chances to win.
Restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. Deadline 9/30/16. Entries of all methods will be pooled together prior to drawing. Drawing will be at random. Albums will only be shipped to valid US addresses. International winners will receive an MP3 downloadable album. False entries will disqualify the participant. Winners have five days to respond to winning correspondences. JewishMusic Stream reserves the right to change or discontinue this giveaway, or disqualify any participant at any time.


  1. Alana white says:

    I’ve heard in my home, in my car, on my computer and in my office! My whole family and I love it! Thanks

  2. Chana says:

    I love Jewish Music Stream, I feel like I hear it in every super market I go into. I recently heard it playing in 7 mile market

  3. Chana says:

    I also heard it in moishas in Flatbush

    • yossi says:

      i also heared it in gourmet glatt in lakewood

  4. Yoni says:

    Everyday my Rebbi plays it on before class starts. He also puts it on during tests. I also listen to it voluntarily at home. I Iike to play it while I am doing my homework, when I jog and it also helps me go to sleep. I have it installed on my phone and computer. Keep up the good work. I love listening to the music.


  5. Dovid Katz says:

    I hear it playing in 7 mile market every time I go to Baltimore.

  6. H says:

    I first heard of the when I had to get trained in for my new job. Since then, I listen to it at home all day and my whole family enjoys it. Thanks so much!

  7. SR says:

    I’ve heard it playing in KRM Kollel Supermarket.

  8. Sara says:

    I live in Israel, so chances of hearing “JewishMusic Stream” in a public location are slim.. but, I definitely have it playing nonstop in the office and almost all day at home via the App.
    I LOVE the huge variety of music. I let all my friends know about the App.

  9. Shoshana says:

    Jewish Music Stream is my constant background music at home and on my smart phone while I go walking around the neighborhood.

  10. ssommerfeld says:

    Gourmet Glatt Lakewwod nj plays it all day

  11. DGK says:

    I play in my classroom for my talmidim every break and recess. It plays at home whenever we are listening to music. When my kids set the Shabbos table they always turn on the “Erev Shabbos Mode” and sing all the songs! Thanks for the best music!

  12. Sara says:

    I work from home and it plays all day!! Makes working easier! Thank you!

  13. devorah g says:

    I turn jms on when I get to work and my boss and I enjoy all day 🙂
    I have the plugin and always listen when i’m on the computer at home as well.
    And I believe it was playing in Aron’s Kissena Farms last time i was there!

  14. cr says:

    I have it in my office &all my workmates listen to it all day as we work. My married kids all have the apps downloaded & some even brought into their offices where they work, The entire family loves it after a long quiet day at school great to listen to & get to hear all the new releases

  15. M says:

    I’ve heard it at the waiting room of my doctor, Precious Health.
    Listen to it at work as well, I like the variety and the new releases.
    Thank you!

  16. Mr. Blokh says:

    i heard JewishMusic Stream in Judaica World, CH
    there was a beautiful shabbos hour on!

  17. yehudis says:

    There are 4 women in my office who listen to the Jewish Music Stream every day.

  18. sarah gins says:

    yes i do work for two dr offices and both offices have music stream playing. also a barber for my son has it playing. all three of the offices are in boro park, brooklyn ny

  19. BW says:

    we here it here in Minneapolis MN!!! In the Kosher Grocery store!!

  20. Shmuel says:

    I also work at home and The Jewish Music Stream is my go to over other stations because of the quality choice of music you play. Keep it up and Thank you!

  21. N says:

    I have heard it playing in Gift World

  22. H says:

    WE all listen to it at work all the time…
    It keeps the room lively…

  23. Tamar Wien says:

    I listen to this ALL the time- super convenient. I love the Erev Shabbos mode, and the variety, when I’m bored of my music, I just tune in!

  24. Chaya says:

    We play it in my office all day.

  25. mendy says:

    it plays in my office on my computer all day

  26. Chana says:

    I was first introduced to it by a coworker who listens to Jewish Music Stream all day so I started putting it on when I’m home with my baby and then I have it on all day at work. Thank you for the convenience of listening to Jewish music!

  27. Chani says:

    I listen to Jewish Music Stream all day in my office and I heard it in Schreiber’s Bakery!!!
    Thanx so much for giving me good,kosher music to listen to

  28. Yehuda says:

    Yeshiva Darchei Noam and Yeshivas Ohr Reuven allow the Talmidim to listen during their math work time… The only station made available on the network!

  29. F. R. says:

    I work at Marquis Home Care, and all of us have little speakers and listen to Jewish Music Stream. We discuss your songs during our downtime and together choose what to request.

  30. Channa says:

    I work in Lubavitch Senior Girls’ school – England and have it playing while I work in my office.
    I also play it when I am at home.

  31. Tova Yachnes says:

    I work in a secular office in a small out-of-town community. Have my own office in basement. I listen while doing busy work.

  32. Yoel says:

    Playing In B Kosher food store.

  33. Yoel says:

    Plays On Erev Shabbos In Haber’s World

  34. a yid says:

    i heave the Jewish music stream playing in my office!
    i also heard it in the market please CH!
    empire kosher CH!
    judaica WORLD! as well as in other places!

  35. Leah says:

    I’ve heard it in Moisha’s in flatbush and Landau’s in boro park

  36. rivka says:

    i’ve heard it in a nursery! The kids love it!

  37. Perle says:

    its amazing to hear jewish music while working, it keeps the spirit up

  38. goldy says:

    everywhere i go everyone has jewish music stream on totally the best!

  39. Chanie says:

    My father plays it nearly the whole day on his comp or app

  40. Riva says:

    Plays in our Office all The Time, The 3 Of Us Enjoy It Immensely.

  41. Leah Perl says:

    I listen to Jewish Music Stream all day, Its the best!!

  42. Josh says:

    Hi I hear JMS when I walk into my home !! I also hear it in the shell station located on Coney Island

  43. S says:

    I heard it in a glasses store.

  44. Sam Bousak says:

    I heard it in moishas in flatbush. We have it playing in our house A LOT!!

  45. n says:

    hear it every time i come home from school or visit my sister

  46. Rachel says:

    We listen to it a lot here at work in Community Home care…

  47. Brenda says:

    HI, I always hear it in work. Great stream and background music!!

  48. n says:

    I listen at work. many thanks!

  49. Shoshana Sheinfil says:

    I listen all day when working on my computer. I work from home so really helps me with background noise & not so quiet

  50. Devory says:

    i listen to it all day @work. it makes my work so much more enjoyable! music sets the mood!

  51. Tova says:

    I have it playing at my office from the sec i walk in till it stops mid night…and repeat!!

  52. chava says:

    Hi I play it at home all the time, and i went into our papergoods store- paper goods plus and i heard it being played their. I love it! Thanks!

  53. Carla B says:

    I love listening to the radio in work

  54. mendy says:

    i work in the office of a warehouse in NJ it plays all day on my computer in the office

  55. shmuel says:

    I’ve heard in my home, in my car, on my computer and in my office Thanks

  56. Chava says:

    I always listen and love this stream! I think I hear it all the time in Jewish Grocery stores in Kew Garden Hills (Aarons Kissena Farms), and in the 5 towns, like Gourmet Glatt

  57. Tehila says:

    I hear it in my supermarket (7mile) in Baltimore!

  58. Kobi R says:

    I hear it always in the kosher store in Berlin, Germany (Yes, we have one 😉 )
    Keep the good Work up!!

  59. lazer Lopian says:

    I downloaded it from Google play store it just keeps on playing I love it

  60. Cheeky says:

    Heard it at RIO Gas Station in BP. Also listening to it in office all day.

  61. Gerry says:

    Listen to Jewish Stream on my computer everyday. I love the music!

  62. Avigail says:

    Love this! Always listen to it!

  63. William D. says:

    My co-workers and I play Jewishmusicstream all the time at work at home in the car…! Keeps us going all day. Always has a great stream!

  64. sf says:

    This is my daily background while working

  65. Avi says:

    One Stop Kosher in Washington Heights, NYC.

  66. avrami says:

    believe it or not i heard it at MOstly music store in Boro Park. Bingo whole sale store, doctors office, goldbergs fresh market in boro park.

  67. Frumet says:

    I live in Montreal and I am streaming on my computer and thoroughly enjoying. it

  68. Yossi says:

    I hear it at Seven Mile Market, at the School office and at our home.
    It’s just great! Keep it up!

  69. ariela says:

    I was listening to this in a roller skating ring!

  70. Shira says:

    I listen in my office, so do my co-workers!

  71. Basya says:

    i like to listen to it when Im working on projects on my computer

  72. Faigy Topp says:

    I work at the OU. This is where I heard about it, and now it’s my go-to for music while I work and at home.

  73. SF says:

    We play it in the office I work at!

  74. chanie says:

    I put it on for my office

  75. c smus says:

    my daughter listens to it in work, my mother to keep her company at home, and when possible i put it on at home too!!
    thanks for such a great service

  76. hudi says:

    ive heard it in accessory world and listen the whole time

  77. dini says:

    We have it playing around the house all day. Much appreciated! We are also frequent shoppers at Moisha’s supermarket that plays it.

  78. Sarah says:

    When Jewish Music Stream is not on in the office – the office works in slower motion. Thanks for Jewish Music Stream – they help get the work done faster!

    Thank you again!

  79. Glenn Todd says:

    I started listening to Jewish Music when I started my new position as Sect in a Middle School in Boca Raton, FL. Isue to listen to Nachum Siegel out of New Jersey but I switched because many times there was too much talking.

  80. a says:

    I’ve heard in my office

  81. Raizy says:

    I listen to Jewish Music Stream in work on the computer and at home on the app! Amazing!

  82. LCT says:

    I have heard it played in Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst, Moisha’s in Flatbush and I believe in Seasons in Lawrence. Thanks
    I use it every morning on my phone to help wake up my boys

    • Glenn Todd says:

      I remember the five towns when I lived up in Oceanside. I listen to Jewish Music at work in the Boca Raton Middle School down in Boca Raton Florida.

  83. Glenn Todd says:

    I listen to Jewish Music at work down in Boca Raton Florida. I work at Boca Raton Middle School

  84. genendel says:

    i heard jewish music stream in a supermarket in manchester england.
    jewish music stream is my lifeline!!!!

  85. Karma Dude says:

    Marcy Clothing in Lakewood

  86. chana says:

    My work can get pretty quiet at times and this just keeps it alive….its great. Thank You

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