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Chanuka Giveaway Winners!


After pulling together the many entries from across multiple platforms, trying to make sure that no entries were missed, we finally have drawn the winners for our extremely successful Chanuka Giveaway!

We present to you the list of winners, in the order that they were picked:

@ruchielebovits (Instagram)
chana (Site Comment)
Gerry (Site Comment)
Shimmy Atlas (Facebook)
Esther Avital Gottesman (Site Comment)
yael s (Site Comment)

For those that won – we’ll get in touch with you in the coming days to get you your prize.
For those that didn’t win this time – we appreciate your participation, and we have more contests and giveaways planned for the future, so please stay tuned!

We greatly appreciate the encouraging feedback, and we always love hearing comments, suggestions, requests, and ideas from our fans.
You can contact us using our contact page or email us at [email protected] with your input!


  1. chava malka says:

    lol my neighbor!

  2. Tzvi says:

    Thank you JMS for the Giveaway and maintaining an awesome mix of music!

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