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Your Opinion Matters: Autoplay Poll


Should the music begin playing automatically when our home page loads, or only once the play button is manually clicked?

Use the comments below to elaborate on your opinion!


  1. Tzvi says:

    Although I like to an extent that the streaming plays without having to scroll down and clicking play, I’d prefer it to only start once I click play.

    Here’s why:
    Sometimes I load the page before even checking my volume settings, this would give me an extra moment to remember to check it. This is important most often when turning on the stream at night, when some people may be sleeping already, and in a shared office.

    • Listener says:

      I agree, or at least the default volume should be lower.

    • smb says:

      I second (third?) the lower volume thing!

  2. Bracha says:

    I think there should be an option, if possible, for each person to do either. Like, you can have autoplay enabled by default, but there can be a button to disable/reenable it, and then you can leave cookies to remember each person’s choice.

    • chaimss says:

      I agree with the cookie idea, there should be an option to disable auto-start. You can also have the volume fade-in to allow for mistakes, i.e. leaving the speakers up.

    • Listener says:

      Good idea!

  3. yossi says:

    To JewishMusic:

    If I can just say something on a different subject, I wanted to thank for your service. I also appreciate the choices of a lot of slow music. I enjoy music from 20\30 years ago, a lot of the older album were very hartzig(emotional).
    Thank you,

    • Baruch says:

      Any chance of having a poll regarding music choices? I personally would love to hear more music from Eretz Yisroel.

  4. Penina says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful music stream! I really enjoy listening to it! About the poll, I think it should go on automatically that way you don’t need to scroll down and then click the play button.

    • Breindy says:

      I agree with Penina all the way!

    • malky says:


  5. Eli says:

    I like that it starts automatically, but it starts on a very high volume! I normally listen on like volume 2/3of your player – no matter what computer I am using, and whether using headphones or speakers…
    Thanks so much! Love the stream!

  6. Shraga says:

    I personally like to listen from the Now Playing screen so I can look back and see which songs I liked if I’m not sitting in front of my computer when listening.

  7. Shlomo Lamm says:

    I think it’s better when the music starts automatically the way it does now. I don’t have to wait for it to load and then it hit play while I am doing things, I can just put in the webpage and then go back to whatever I was busy with. Love the music keep it up!

  8. Vinod Varghese says:

    Hi Everyone!


    I’m not Jewish but I love Jewish songs! It’s my fav link to listen to amazing Jewish songs. Amazing array of songs!

    G-d bless you all!

    Vinod Varghese

  9. anonymous says:

    For those who prefer another minute to adjust volume, you can go directly to the ‘playing’ page,, and the player can be activated before starting.

    • Listener says:

      Thanks, never knew that.

    • Listener says:

      Doesn’t let me slide the volume down until I hit play, so that doesn’t really solve anything for me.

  10. sholom says:

    it should default to the now playing page

  11. Binyomin Fischman says:

    I like the idea that someone suggested of having each person with his option of automatic or manual. However since I know thats not so simple. I am suggesting to at least have the default volume lower, due to waking up the kids when its turned on.

    Thank you for this website

  12. DKBMD says:

    Auto play for sure, however, when I navigate to different parts of website (request, now playing, etc.) The music stops and I have to click play again, that is a bit annoying. There needs to be a way for the music playing when navigating across the website. Maybe have an auto play option which remembers a computer’s choice. That way, if someone is using the Chrome app, then it doesn’t double play when you log onto the website.

  13. Yael says:

    First of all, I want to thank everyone who keeps this website running. It is a great source of entertainment for my whole family,and we really enjoy listening to it. Also,I would appreciate if the website would just play the music automatically, because every time we switch tabs,we have to press play again. I have noticed that some newer singers like Yonatan Shainfeld and Nachas are not on this website. It would be great if they could be added. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      Can you please email us ([email protected]) so that we can follow up with your questions?
      The email address you gave doesn’t seem to be valid.

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