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Sefira Update


As our listener numbers continue to increase steadily and our website gets more and more visitors daily, we want to thank our dedicated listeners and fans for all your support!

As in past years, we will be switching the system over to Acapella for the first half of Sefira, and change back to regular music on Lag B’Omer.
When we had to decide which half of Sefira to go by, we felt that it made the most sense to play Acapella during the first half of Sefira, from after Pesach until Lag B’Omer. We will switch back to regular music on Lag B’Omer morning.
The transition to Acapella will take place on Erev Yom Tov (May 20th), so that the system is already playing Acapella right after Pesach.

We are curious to know which “half” of Sefira our listeners keep, with regards to listening to music.
As we did last year, we set up a poll, which is posted below – weigh in and let us know what you keep!

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As always, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions that you may have.
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  1. A B C says:

    Would it be difficult to have an option throughout the whole Sefira to listen to either or?

    • JewishMusic Stream says:

      It would involve setting up an entire separate instance, which would be a lot of work and doesn’t seem to be worthwhile at this point for the few days when both halves don’t overlap.
      But we’ll keep it in mind…

    • A B C says:

      Got it. Judging by the poll results, there are a significant amount of listeners that would enjoy Acapella even in the 2nd half.

      Good day.

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