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Extension and Player Updates


There’s been a lot going on, but we just wanted to post about two recent updates to the Stream site and extension.

We were having some problems with the Flash player that we’ve been using on the site for a while, and we finally found a player that we think will work well for our needs. We’re still finalizing the settings and options, but this player should be more stable and work better than the old one.
The new player has now replaced the old player throughout the whole site.
By design, the players on the Now Playing and Requests pages are paused by default, and have to be manually started.

Additionally, once the new player is finalized, we’re hoping to offer others the ability to put a JewishMusic Stream player on their own sites – details coming soon, stay tuned for more information.

We also pushed out an update to our Chrome Extension, which added a volume slider to the Extension, and should make the player more reliable and the popup window open faster. If you already have the Extension installed then the new version should automatically be downloaded and updated by itself. If you don’t yet have the Extension, go grab it from the Extension page.
We have a bunch more features we’re planning on adding to the Extension, and we’ll try to roll them out, in order of priority, as we get to them. The Extension should automatically update itself, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version.

As always, we welcome any input, suggestions, or questions that you may have.
You can contact us by commenting on our Facebook page, replying to us on Twitter (use @JewishMusic), commenting on the blog posts, by using the contact page on our site, or by sending an email to [email protected].

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