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Chrome Extension Update


Some of you may have noticed that the latest Google Chrome update, which came out sometime over the last day or so, broke our Chrome Extension.

We were planning on updating the Extension around now anyway, (especially since there are now better methods of playing music through Chrome than using a plugin that requires a separate installation), so the update just forced us to work on something earlier than planned, and without as much time for planning and testing as we would have liked.

After some some rushed programming work yesterday, we were able to push out a new version of the Extension late last night.
This new version is totally re-written, and uses a totally new system to play the Stream music, which means that you now don’t need to install any other plugins or programs for it to work.
In some ways, it still needs more work and optimization (especially since it takes longer to open once you click on the icon, and there’s currently no autoplay option), and we’re still figuring out how exactly we want the new version to work, and how we can improve it, so we’ll be pushing out updates often, as we add new features or optimize the Extension.

If you already have the Extension installed then the new version should automatically be downloaded and updated by itself.
If you don’t yet have the Extension, now’s the time to try it – go to the Extension page to download and install it!

Please let us know if you have any input, suggestions, or questions.
You can contact us by commenting on our Facebook page, replying to us on Twitter (use @JewishMusic), commenting on the blog posts, by using the contact page on our site, or by sending an email to [email protected].

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